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The idea that you need a large firm to ensure maximum exposure to your property is simply not true.

The plain fact is that all estate agencies co-commission today and Merchants Row does it no differently than every other agency. We offer immediate exposure on the internet: support weekly open houses: weekly premium position advertisements which are highlighted in the Sunday Times and offer immediate notice to every other major estate agencies about the availability of your property through our broad based co-selling network: we also much more than that.

We custom tailor a sales campaign that will ensure that your property is only shown to prospective buyers who have the means and sincere interest in purchasing it within the range of your asking price. Sellers who seek personal service: attention: intelligence: commitment and energy from their agents will never be disappointed with Merchants Row. In addition: one of our main goals will be to achieve the best possible sales price for our sellers.


The Appointment

Depending on the size of your property, the appointment will generally last for around one hour. This allows us to familiarise ourselves with the property, to find out more on what improvements you may have made during the period of your ownership and also to understand what you are hoping to achieve from your proposed move.

Lifestyle Approach

During the appointment, we will sit down with you to demonstrate why our unique approach to marketing will help your home stand out from the crowd and, ultimately improve its saleability.

The Market Appraisal

Finally, we will discuss current market conditions, offer advice on how you could enhance the marketing of your property, before arriving at our recommendation for marketing price, thoroughly supported by comparable sales evidence. This of course will be followed up in writing to you.


You can contact your chosen expert directly by calling +44 (0) 20 7175 4777.

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